Reviews of Luthecker from Amazon

"Observation and deduction that would put Holmes to shame make Luthecker a force to be reckoned with. You can capture him, but you can't hold him. You can question him, but he'll know much more about you... and what you've done... than you'll ever learn from him. And if you piss him off enough, he'll tell you your fortune." - SailorLon

"...Hard to put down. Very intelligently written. It was a breath of fresh air to finally read something great..." - BL

"Intelligent, well written, and scary as heck! Government paid mercenaries run amok, chasing a man with scary-smart mental abilities across the country. So much more that I can't go into without spoiler alerts. Just read the book!" - DJB

"I don't typically read books in this genre but I loved it. Fascinating main character and I appreciated how the pattern reading was demonstrated, how storylines came together, how it ended. Read the first chapter re "Lloyd" and you'll keep reading." - JFR

Reviews of Luthecker: Rise from Amazon

"The twists and turns made it impossible to put down. Can good possibly overcome the strength of such powerful evil forces? Is it fiction or a glimpse of a world that already exists, but is beyond our desire to comprehend? Who will have the courage to face their fears and survive? An absolute must read! Loved it from beginning to end and ready to pre-order the next release!" - K. MOSES

"An amazing sequel, Keith Domingue is on the Rise with this great new series! I read both books in less than a week. Am in love with all the characters. Well researched, well written, fast paced, exciting story. Believable characters that you wish were your friends!" - LDUDETTE

Reviews of Luthecker: Revolution from Amazon

“A fitting wrap to this fascinating trilogy! The author has done a great job of combining philosophy and what might almost seem like current events. This is a great look at corporate greed and a method of dealing with it! - PHOENIXRISING

“The third book in the series does an excellent job of driving home key themes and providing a credible and satisfying ending…in addition the author has given us two new characters that we hope will be in the next book.” - KC

“Fantastic! All three books in the series were absolutely riveting! It was hard to put down. I hope to see a fourth in the series.” - LENORE H

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